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​कुरा हार या जितको थिएन . . .

कुरा सुख या दुखको थिएन . . .

…कुरा आत्मसन्तुष्टीको थियो, 
जुन गर्हुङो, धेरै गर्हुङो हुँदै गयो । – deadbj 


It’s about them . . .

its about them - deadbj sayings - deadbjquotes.blogspot.com

The more I get older, the more I realize. . .

>>IT’S NOT ABOUT THEM : who is older & who is younger, who is educated & who is uneducated, who is rich & who is poor, who is strong & who is weak.

>>IT’S ABOUT THEM : who knows how to bring smile on face of the people who lost the reason to live. IT’S ABOUT THEM, who knows how to make run those who once fell & remained behind. IT’S ABOUT THEM, who can penetrate their vision through soil & calculates it’s root.

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