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Top 10 OFFLINE Games for Android – 1/10, TRAILS FRONTIER

Ok, this video provides demo of 1 game, i.e. Trails Frontier, best offline android game.

Each video in future will cover 1 game. So, this series covers 10 videos along with gameplay and review.

1 – Trails Frontier download link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ubisoft.redlynx.trialsfrontier.ggp&hl=en



Slowly but surely technology is seeping into airplanes, which up until a couple of years ago felt like a final reprieve from the digital world. You can use your cell phone at certain times before take off and after landing, you can watch DVDs on your laptop and you can surf the Internet using in-flight Wi-Fi.

But it doesn’t stop there.

How about playing a thought-controlled game?

“We think it’s time that in-flight entertainment does more than simply distract you,” said Ariel Garten, CEO of Toronto-based Interaxon, which created the technology.

Passengers wear a special headset sensitive enough to pick up brainwave activity, basically electrical patterns resonating outside your head. Proprietary software converts the brainwave activity into binary code, that is the ones and zeros that make up computer code. That code becomes a signal that controls the game. With practice, a person can learn to manipulate his own brainwave activity.

The system scans your brain to see if you are in the mood for relaxation or concentration. If you are giving off alpha brainwaves and want to relax, the system sees that and sets up something soothing like a meditation program.

If you are giving off beta brainwaves and are looking to do something that requires more concentration, you could try out a program that improves your golf swing.

The ability to operate your electronic gizmos just through your brain is becoming more and more popular. You can even control robots just with your mind now, so it’s not a huge leap forward to be able to play games on an airplane using your mind as the remote control.

This technology was first put on display June 5 and 6, 2010, at On the Wings of Innovation, a global aerospace convention in Ontario. Everyone from astronauts to Apple founder, Steve Wozniak, gave the technology a test drive.

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Digital entertainment is on the road to becoming a fully immersive experience. Last week at the ACM CHIConference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Disney researchers unveiled a project called ‘Tactile Brush’ that will be used to create creepy sensations during movies. The technology makes use of phenomena that have been well established for many decades.

It has long been known that if two vibrating objects are successively placed at different points on the skin, an illusion of motion can be created between the two points. Another illusion known as ‘phantom tactile sensation’ is done by placing vibrating objects at different points on the skin at the same time which creates a tactile sensation between the points.

The ‘Tactile Brush’ uses both of these ideas to produce all kinds of sensations. An array of vibrating coils is placed in the user’s chair and by manipulating the intensity of vibration of different coils, the system can create sensations as powerful as a vehicle making a hard turn or as subtle as a drop of rain trickling down the skin.

This new system is sure to perk up the ears of gamers and thrill enthusiasts the world over.  Although tactile feedback systems (Haptic technology) have been around since the 1950’s they have never enjoyed mainstream success in the gaming or entertainment industry. ‘Tactile Brush’ is hoping to change that. Ali Israr, one of the developers of the system, tells New Scientist that this will open up a new untapped realm for digital entertainment. “Two metres squared – that’s the total area of our skin,” he says. “It’s a big area.”

Credit: Daniel Koebe/Corbis 

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