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Google, Microsoft ramp up fight against online child pornography

  In response to the alarming proliferation of photos and videos containing child pornography on the Internet, Web search giants Google and Microsoft plan to introduce measures to block the content from their search results. The modifications will prevent more... Continue Reading →

Google Offers Help to Webmasters Whose Sites Were Hacked

Google has launched a page and a set of tutorials aimed for webmasters whose site was hacked. Specifically, Google explains webmasters how to deal with Google's search warning that a site is dangerous, which usually appears if a hacker has infected... Continue Reading →

Meet Google’s secret weapon for fighting Apple and Microsoft

(Credit: Photo by: Jason Hiner/CNET) Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha pulled off one of the most difficult things to do in the technology industry: He surprised people at a press conference. When Jha took the stage at the Consumer Electronics... Continue Reading →

Fake Instagram app infects Android devices with malware

Tempted to try out the much talked about Instagram app? Well, be careful where you get it from - as malware authors are distributing malware disguised as the popular app. It's a rain cloud on a summer's day for the... Continue Reading →

How to Set Up a Google+ Brand Page

It’s been a long time coming, but Google has finally given the official go-ahead for businesses to create profileson the Google+ social network. We have gone hands-on with the new option to offer you a simple walkthrough, demoing just how quick and easy it is... Continue Reading →

Google+ Adds More YouTube and Chrome Features

Google announced further integration of YouTube and Chrome into its Google+ social network. The search giant made the announcement in its official Google blog on Thursday, showing how it has continued its integration of YouTube into Google+. Last summer, Google incorporated the ability to play YouTube videos... Continue Reading →

Google Mulls Buying Yahoo [REPORT]

GOOGLE is mulling purchasing Yahoo and has contacted at least two venture capital firms to help buy the company’s core business, according to a report. Google and prospective partners have held discussions, but haven’t put forth a formal proposal to... Continue Reading →

Google publishes web safety advice for ‘Good to Know’ campaign

Google has launched a campaign promoting online safety, in association with the UK's Citizen's Advice Bureau. The campaign, which will include adverts in newspapers, on public transport and online, is being run with the hope of encouraging internet users to... Continue Reading →

Twitter security, Google fined, Bomb hoax, busts, skimming – 60 Sec Security

In this episode: * Australian bomb hoaxer tracked via information hedidn't intend to share. * UK bank account holders ripped off via data theydid intend to share. * An educational look at ATM skimming. * Twitter edges towards HTTPS by default. * Google agrees to cough up an enormous... Continue Reading →

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