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Sony suffers another security scare – 93,000 user accounts broken into

Hackers successfully broke into 93,000 accounts at Sony over the last few days, once again impacting users of the Sony Entertainment Network, PlayStation Network (PSN) and Sony Online Entertainment services. According to a blog post by Philip Reitinger, Sony's Chief Information Security... Continue Reading →

Anonymous leaks 90,000+ military email addresses stolen from Booz Allen Hamilton

The latest attack in the infamous "#antisec" movement targeted Booz Allen Hamilton, a consulting firm who works with the US government. Anonymous claims to have infiltrated an unprotected server and were able to steal a significant amount of data. They... Continue Reading →

David Beckham’s website defaced by hackers

The website of British football superstar David Beckham has been hacked, with an image of a hapless dog attempting to eat a bowl of food painted on a street sign. A message on the picture reads "ScooterDAshooter = FAIL" To... Continue Reading →

LulzSec hacks Arizona police over immigration issues

The latest in a string of attacks by a hacker group known as Lulz Security (LulzSec) targeted the Arizona police today. The hackers exposed user names and personal information of law enforcement officers as well as sensitive documents housed on... Continue Reading →

HACKED : Sonu Nigam’s email hacked !

Singer Sonu Nigam pressed the panic button when all his friends started receiving random emails, supposedly from him at a time when he was shooting for a TV show. Nigam didn’t want to specify the content of the abusive mails... Continue Reading →

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Hacked by Lulzsec, Users data & Database Leaked !

Lulzsec Hack Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) website and Add their deface page as shown above, with a message on page "Hey Anonymous, we heard you were having trouble!"  The Title of the page is "FREE BRADLEY MANNING. FUCK FRONTLINE!" . They... Continue Reading →

US military contractors hacked – possible link with RSA SecurID breach

[Featured] CHFI & Digital Forensics Tutorial [Part 1] - Basics & FTK IMAGER Lab Hackers have broken into the network of Lockheed Martin and several other US military contractors, according to media reports. Lockheed Martin, has described the attack as "significant... Continue Reading →

Emails/Passwords ( Survey Company )

Mohit Pande find a Security hole in a Survey Company at , whose whole database is visible to everyone without login. Almost 183500 Members data is Exposed to all. Contact me at :

Sony Music Japan hacked through SQL injection flaw

Another day, another attack on Sony. I reported yesterday on the SQL injection attack exposing user information on and today attackers have found flaws in The Hacker News sent us a tip this eveningdocumenting a couple of vulnerable web pages on... Continue Reading →

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