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Why Most People Say They’re Addicted to the Internet [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you addicted to the Internet? If so, you’re not alone. Some 61% of people feel addicted to the Internet and are unable to quit browsing, according to an informal survey. Opinion pollster SodaHead surveyed 602 visitors to its site... Continue Reading →

Data Transmission for the Internet of Tomorrow

Electrical engineers in Bochum have succeeded in developing a new concept for ultrafast semiconductor lasers. The researchers make clever use of the intrinsic angular momentum of electrons, called spin, to successfully break the previous speed barriers. The new spin lasers... Continue Reading →

Social networks now used to abuse, monitor and control women

Various forms of technology are being used by abusive partners to monitor and control women, particularly younger women, such as their mobile phone calls and texts being monitored and social media and technology being used to stalk and control them.... Continue Reading →

How to avoid falling for scams, phishing and bot masters

One botnet can send up to 30 billion emails a day   We recently saw the destruction of a ‘botnet’, a collection of computers around the world that are, without the knowledge of their owners, dedicated to sending out spam... Continue Reading →

Twitter Plans To Launch Photo-Sharing Service [REPORT]

The rumor mill has been churning Monday afternoon with reports that Twitter is working on its own photo-sharing service that would compete with the likes of Twitpic and Yfrog. TechCrunch first reported the tip, citing multiple unnamed sources, Monday afternoon. And now All Things D seems to have confirmed the... Continue Reading →

Code in the Cloud: Programming Google AppEngine

Cloud applications are the next big shift in application development: instead of building single-user applications to run on a personal computer, new applications are being built as multi-user services that run in data centers around the world. Code in the... Continue Reading →

Internet, HBO Gets Social With HBO Connect

Premium cable network HBO soft-launched HBO Connect on Tuesday, a new “second screen” experience that aims to augment the social experience surrounding shows like True Blood, Game of Thrones and Entourage. The site is accessible now, but will launch more features in June as the... Continue Reading →

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