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[ in Nepali ] 45 Ways to Earn Money Online – Way 4 : Create Niche Websites

[ in Nepali ] 45 Ways to Earn Money Online – Way 4 : Create Niche Websites

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Encryption Is Not Enough !, Research & Conclusion (Part 1)

Hello World ! Well, welcome in my post. This will be in series, and this is first part. Throughout the series, I will share my research and findings with you. And that will be on topic, Encryption Is Not Enough. We will see, how Encryption is broken & what countermeasures should be implemented to secure it.


Image via traxarmstrong.com

Let’s begin, Why do we encrypt ?
-We encrypt, simply for privacy & secrecy
-We encrypt, in pro term : for Confidentiality & Integrity. Well, these are basics for encryption.

[In Nepali] Learn Ethical Hacking – Part 1 – Tools Requirements


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Free Source Code for Android APP| Major Project for Computer Science

ic_launcher-web Picture1

Developers : Bijay Acharya (http://twitter.com/acharya_bijay), Jeevan Acharya, Sabin Thapa

More : http://youtube.com/studentvideotutorial

Source Code Download Linkhttp://www.mediafire.com/download/vpu123by74m37uu/universitynews.rar

Intro to our APP | Project :

Our project “University News” mainly focuses on website of Pokhara University (PU). In the traditional website viewing system, users have to open a web browser and then type in the University website address and then wait for the page to load. For PCs with slow internet connections, users have to wait for the whole page to load and then scroll through the bulk page to search for the desired links or pages. This causes huge data to load and modern web browsers to load the contents, mostly.

Thus, a new system is required so that users (especially students and affiliated colleges) can browse the website contents on the palm of their hands; wherever they are- on the go.

Source Code Download Linkhttp://www.mediafire.com/download/vpu123by74m37uu/universitynews.rar

3.[IN NEPALI] Java Programming_Part 3 – Math Operators & Basic Calculation – By BIJAY ACHARYA

[Step by Step Guide] Creating Free Website/Blog with Blogspot | By BIJAY ACHARYA

2.[IN NEPALI] Java Programming_Part 2 – Variables & Types – By BIJAY ACHARYA

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Android Tutorial For Beginners- PART 5 – EVENT LISTENERS

-Event Listener For Buttons.
-Share More : Educate More

*Note :
.For screen recording, i used camtasia (Trial Version), downloaded from this url : http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.html
.This video will be in two youtube channels, i.e. youtube.com/studentvideotutorial & youtube.com/itsolutionpokhara (Both Channels are mine)

By : Bijay Acharya
Follow me : twitter.com/acharya_bijay