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Malware – Your photo all over Facebook? Naked? Malware campaign spammed out

SophosLabs is intercepting a spammed-out malware campaign, pretending to be an email about a revealing photo posted online of the recipient. The emails, which have a variety of subject lines and message bodies, arrive with an attached ZIP file ( Continue Reading →

Fake Instagram app infects Android devices with malware

Tempted to try out the much talked about Instagram app? Well, be careful where you get it from - as malware authors are distributing malware disguised as the popular app. It's a rain cloud on a summer's day for the... Continue Reading →

Is the art of computer viruses dead?

[Featured]CHFI & Digital Forensics Tutorial [Part 2] - AutoSpy Case & MD5 Calculator (Video) Stop press! The art of computer viruses may not be dead, after all. Vancouver-based artist Bratsa Bonifacho says his latest collection of paintings has been inspired by... Continue Reading →

Duqu Malware, son of Stuxnet raises questions of origin and intent

Early today Symantec published an inside look at a new targeted malware attack called Duqu. This might not be important news if it weren't for its ties to Stuxnet. Early analysis of Duqu shows it has evolved from the Stuxnet codebase. We... Continue Reading →

Best practices for reporting malicious URLs

One of the topics I frequently get asked about by customers when they visit SophosLabs, is what do we do about the hoards of legitimate web sites that we see getting hit with malware? How do we go about alerting... Continue Reading →

‘Peeping Tom’ webcam blackmailer jailed for six years

A man from Southern California who hacked into over 100 computers, and used personal information stolen from them to extort sexually explicit videos of young women and teenage girls, has been sentenced to six years in prison. 32-year-old Luis Mijangos,... Continue Reading →

Does using Facebook put you at more risk elsewhere on the internet?

According to a recent article from the coolcats at Fast Company, "Digital Oxytocin: How Trust Keeps Facebook, Twitter Humming", the Pew Research Center has shown that the more time you spend on the internet, especially social networks like Facebook and Twitter,... Continue Reading →

‘Foreign government’ hackers steal secret Pentagon plans

The US Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn has revealed that a foreign intelligence agency was behind a hack attack that stole classified information about a top secret weapons system. According to Aviation Week, the weapons system, which is under development, might... Continue Reading →

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