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Hack Ncell 3g internet to use for free, free internet ncell, free internet ntc, nepal [How it worked in past]

[ Past 2010, 2011 version] Learn Hacking in NEPALI LANGUAGE VIDEO TUTORIALS, click HERE > [In Nepali, Learn Hacking Videos - Youtube]  First of all you should have a 3g phone with multi application running function Now go to internet... Continue Reading →

3rd Safal Pokhara Cup from Oct 22

All Nepal Football Association (ANFA), Kaski is all set to organise the Third Safal Pokhara Cup from October 22 in Pokhara. Altogether 12 teams from Nepal, Bhutan, Hong Kong and Australia are competing in the tournament, according to ANFA Kaski.... Continue Reading →

Buddha’s Lost Child_Inspirational Sayings Part 1

Nepal@Black Earth Photography


नेता चोर भयो भने देश रन्डीखाना बन्छ

नेता चोर भयो भने देश रन्डीखाना बन्छ  QUOTE BY "BIJAY ACHARYA" [DEADBJ] नेता चोर भयो भने देश रन्डीखाना बन्छ QUOTE BY "BIJAY ACHARYA" [DEADBJ]

Nepal’s Most Downloaded Song “HEY BHAGWAN BUDDHI DEU”_1 song and 13,000 downloads.

Nepal's Most Downloaded Song "HEY BHAGWAN BUDDHI DEU"_1 song and 13,000 downloads. Link to the Song is Placed Below the Image. Download and Listen it. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS SONG   DOWNLOAD "HEY BHAGWAN BUDDHI DEU" : CLICK HERE

Social media and networking

Guy Clapperton (pic), the author of ‘This is Social Media: tweet, blog, link and post your way to business success’ was recently in Kuala Lumpur to promote his updated book. First published in 2009, this version offers new insights on using the... Continue Reading →

Nepal : No role in Technology Field ‘undeveloped’ [Report]

Report by : Bijay Acharya [deadbj] In recent world of Network and Technology, Nepal is without any Role. Problems of Country is hitting progress of Technology with negative impact. Users are less involved, and those who are involved are amazingly... Continue Reading →

Computer Addiction [Brain Bursting]_deadbj

"what made war come to this ? and what it takes to stop it ? what You can do, with your Internet Concept to Stop Civil War ? Have a look of Creation on STOP CIVIL WAR : pictures packet... Continue Reading →

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