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Hurricane Irene clickjacking scam on Facebook

States in the USA, such as Vermont and New Jersey, are continuing to deal with heavy flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. And we weren't surprised to find internet scammers attempting to profit from other people's misery. For instance,... Continue Reading →

Facebook ‘Girls Must Be Watch Out Of Her mind’ photo-tagging scam – the lessons to learn

Naked Security readers have asked us once again to warn of a rapidly-spreading photo-tagging scam on Facebook, this time with the grammatically curious title This Girls Must Be Watch Out Of Her mind After Making This Video. Here's one wise Facebook... Continue Reading →

Your Facebook Profile Stalkers exposed? No, it’s a rogue application spreading virally

Messages are spreading rapidly on Facebook claiming to reveal a way to find out who has been secretly viewing your profile. Here are a couple of examples: Brilliant!! Now u can see all your profile stalkers! --> [LINK] and WOW!!... Continue Reading →

Does using Facebook put you at more risk elsewhere on the internet?

According to a recent article from the coolcats at Fast Company, "Digital Oxytocin: How Trust Keeps Facebook, Twitter Humming", the Pew Research Center has shown that the more time you spend on the internet, especially social networks like Facebook and Twitter,... Continue Reading →

This g1rl must be Out of her Mind – Facebook scam spreading quickly

In a continuance of a trend we have been seeing the last few weeks, a new Facebook scam using a sexually suggestive thumbnail is spreading like wildfire. The scam is currently spreading on people's walls using the title "This g1rl must... Continue Reading →

Facebook scammers spread app pretending to be ‘Video Calling’

As Paul Ducklin predicted only a few days ago, scams related to Facebook's launch of a video chat service powered by Skype are surfacing. This particular scam doesn't use the actual Facebook video service as Paul has predicted they will do, but... Continue Reading →

Smiley hats and free Vans scams flood Facebook

Filed Under: Featured, Privacy, Social networks, Spam Hundreds of thousands of Facebook users have been fooled into believing that they will receive a hat with a large smiley face on it, and could potentially be putting themselves at risk of... Continue Reading →

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