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“Hack The Pentagon” & earn some cash.

A pilot program aims to help the US Defense Department beef up its networks by finding any vulnerabilities that could be exploited. For full news :

Part 1 – Hacking Basics (7 STEPS IN HACKING)

“Your browser matters” : Security

Microsoft page says IE more secure than rival browsers LIKE OUR PAGE IN FACEBOOK :

Microsoft page says IE more secure than rival browsers

IE9 receives a perfect score for security from Microsoft's browser test page. (Credit: Lance Whitney/CNET)   A new Web page that tests browser security has crowned Internet Explorer 9 the most secure among the five major players. The only catch... Continue Reading →

Cyber Vigilantes Claim to Have Unmasked LulzSec Members

By Jerry Brito on June 19, 2011 Several “gray-hat” hackers are mounting an effort to unmask the persons behind Lulz Security, the group responsible for a rash of brazen attacks and breaches over the past month. Among the cyber vigilantes are The Jester (a.k.a.... Continue Reading →

How to avoid falling for scams, phishing and bot masters

One botnet can send up to 30 billion emails a day   We recently saw the destruction of a ‘botnet’, a collection of computers around the world that are, without the knowledge of their owners, dedicated to sending out spam... Continue Reading →

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