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Part 1 – Hacking Basics (7 STEPS IN HACKING)

LulzSec suspect pleads not guilty to Sony Pictures website hack

A 23-year-old man, suspected of being a member of the LulzSec hacking gang, has pleaded not guilty to an attack on the Sony Pictures website. Cody Kretsinger, from Phoenix, Arizona, pleaded not guilty to conspiracy and unauthorized impairment of a... Continue Reading →

Hurricane Irene clickjacking scam on Facebook

States in the USA, such as Vermont and New Jersey, are continuing to deal with heavy flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. And we weren't surprised to find internet scammers attempting to profit from other people's misery. For instance,... Continue Reading →

Scrubs star Zach Braff’s website hacked to say he is gay

Remember Zach Braff (Did his parents really choose this name for him?), star of hospital comedy series Scrubs where he played the hapless and endearing character Dr John Dorian? Well, yesterday Braff announced on Facebook that his website was hacked to display... Continue Reading →

Toshiba website hacked – email addresses and passwords exposed

Toshiba announced this weekend that a web server run by its US sales subsidiary had been hacked, and the email addresses, telephone numbers and passwords of hundreds of customers had been compromised. The Japanese electronics firm said that the server... Continue Reading →

Lady Gaga website stays strangely silent over database hack

A gang of hackers known as SwagSec announced at the tail end of last week that they had hacked into Lady Gaga's UK website and made off with a database of names and email addresses of fans. To prove their... Continue Reading →

WordPress plugins Trojanised, spotted, fixed

WordPress just announced that the source code of three plugins for its popular blog-hosting software was maliciously modified. Plugins consist of add-in modules which you install on your WordPress server in order to implement additional functionality, instead of writing all the needed... Continue Reading →

US military contractors hacked – possible link with RSA SecurID breach

[Featured] CHFI & Digital Forensics Tutorial [Part 1] - Basics & FTK IMAGER Lab Hackers have broken into the network of Lockheed Martin and several other US military contractors, according to media reports. Lockheed Martin, has described the attack as "significant... Continue Reading →

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