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Web Application Engineering (Youtube Lessons)  

Romanian president declared dead by e-mail scam

BitDefender discovered a spam wave using the Romanian president’s image to help spread malware. The unsolicited e-mail relies on a classic combination of social engineering tricks: promised photo content and attention-grabbing events. This is only one example in a longer... Continue Reading →

Twitter Plans To Launch Photo-Sharing Service [REPORT]

The rumor mill has been churning Monday afternoon with reports that Twitter is working on its own photo-sharing service that would compete with the likes of Twitpic and Yfrog. TechCrunch first reported the tip, citing multiple unnamed sources, Monday afternoon. And now All Things D seems to have confirmed the... Continue Reading →

Code in the Cloud: Programming Google AppEngine

Cloud applications are the next big shift in application development: instead of building single-user applications to run on a personal computer, new applications are being built as multi-user services that run in data centers around the world. Code in the... Continue Reading →

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