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Google+ Adds More YouTube and Chrome Features

Google announced further integration of YouTube and Chrome into its Google+ social network. The search giant made the announcement in its official Google blog on Thursday, showing how it has continued its integration of YouTube into Google+. Last summer, Google incorporated the ability to play YouTube videos... Continue Reading →

Fake YouTube notifications doing rounds

YouTube users are targeted with notifications supposedly sent by YouTube administrators and containing links to Canadian pharmacy sites, warns BitDefender. With "YouTube Administration sent you a message: Illegal video warning" as the subject line, the fake pharma peddlers are trying... Continue Reading →

YouTube, Nvidia aim to bring 3D video beyond gamer crowd

Nvidia aims for 40 million 3D PCs by 2015, but will non-gamers don glasses to watch movie trailers and viral videos? Image by Mestra Ashara via Flickr FORTUNE -- There have been attempts to force 3D onto the Web since... Continue Reading →

Privacy and security in the cloud – is there any?

This evening (Monday 30 May 2011), I'll be lecturing at the New South Wales branch forum of the Australian Computer Society (ACS). The topic is Privacy and security in the cloud - is there any? The Cloud - whatever that is... Continue Reading →

RIP Gil Scott-Heron: 5 YouTube Videos To Remember Him By

    The great Gil Scott-Heron died Friday at age 62, and across the Internet, the American poet, musician and author is remembered for his groundbreaking music and influential style. One of his most popular compositions was “The Revolution Will... Continue Reading →

YouTube Pushes Further Into 3D Video

Lacking some 3D in your online life? You’re in luck, as Mozilla Firefox, YouTube and Nvidia have teamed up to bring HTML5-based stereoscopic 3D video to owners of Nvidia’s 3D Vision-enabled hardware. Although 3D videos aren’t new to YouTube, the... Continue Reading →

YouTube Turns 6 Years Old, Daily Views Shoot Up To 3 Billion (Yes, 3 Billion. Daily.)

YouTube is celebrating its sixth birthday this month, and theGoogle subsidiary is doing it partly by sharing some big numbers that underscore its overwhelming dominance in the online video streaming space. YouTube says global daily views have gone up 50 percent in the past 12 months, which... Continue Reading →

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